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R & D turnover in millions USD:
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NET profit:
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R & D
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address: Wyeth Laboratories
John Wyeth & Brother Ltd.
Huntercombe Lane South
Taplow, Maidenhead
Berks SL6 OPH
contact: Phone 44-1628-604-377
Fax 44-1628-666-368

trunover in millions USD: 20350
R & D turnover in millions USD: 3109
NET profit: 5423
year of financial results: 2006
employees: 50060

active in China: YES
partner in China: Shanghai Wyeth Nutritional Co., Ltd.
Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Consumer Healthcare China OTC Division of Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

SFDA approved: NO


Activities engaged in:
Manufacture: YES
Active Pharmaceutical: YES
Ingredients: NO
Western Generics: NO

R & D:
Discovery: YES
Work Up (pilot to production): YES
Analysis: YES
Quality Control: YES
Stability: YES
Batch Release: YES

Clinical trials:
Run/Manage: YES
Data management: YES
Support Labs: YES

Non clinical & preclinical:
Animal Testing: GLP: NO
New materials Safety Assessment: YES
Pharmaceuticals: NO
Agrochemicals: NO
Industrial & Other Chemicals: NO
Non GLP - Discovery ADME: NO

Chemistry-contract manufacture:
Generics: NO
Licensed Drugs: YES


Wyeth employs over 50,000 people worldwide.Every year they invest over £1billion internationally in new drug discovery and development. That's equivalent to £3 million every day.Wyeth is now in the top five largest pharmaceutical companies in the UK in terms of sales to the National Health Service.

They are leaders in consumer healthcare, with well-known brands such as Anadin, Centrum and ChapStick.Over 2,000 people are employed in the UK.Their vision is to be the most trusted and admired pharmaceutical company in the world. 

Wyeth is unique in having discovery and development expertise in three distinct but complementary areas – pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biotechnology.

The programmes are currently focused on neurosciences, where novel treatments for conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers Disease and schizophrenia are being investigated. Vaccines and infectious disease, musculoskeletal disorders, immunology and oncology, female health and haemophilia are also at the forefront of our research initiations.

In recent years, Wyeth has re-engineered its entire R&D process to ensure that programmes relate to high medical needs. The Company is now one of the top performers in drug discovery output and the aim is to bring two new products to the market each year.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is an international company responsible for the manufacture, marketing and research and development of prescription medicines. Our discovery and development platforms encompass three distinct areas: small molecules, vaccines and biotechnology.

In the UK Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is a major success story. The scale of the division’s operations makes it the largest affiliate outside of the US and places it amongst the UK’s top five pharmaceuticals companies in terms of prescription medicines. These products cover a range of treatment areas: gastrointestinal disease, mental health, rheumatology, dermatology, female health, infectious disease, oncology, transplantation and haemophilia, together with adult and paediatric vaccines. Many of the products are amongst the most successful in their therapeutic class.

Through the Consumer Healthcare division, Wyeth is the third largest over the counter (non-prescription medicines) healthcare companies in the world, with leading brands across key categories, such as analgesics, cough and cold, and vitamins, minerals and supplements.

In the UK, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare markets some of the best-known over the counter medicines and supplements.

Wyeth Research is set in six acres overlooking the beautiful Fareham Creek. There is an 80,000 square feet building footprint containing some of the latest analytic equipment, a dedicated distribution centre including cold chain, and congenial open-plan working areas. Parking is on-site.

Sterile products research into

• Liquid filled vials and ampoules • Emulsions/liposomes • Cytotoxic handling • Freeze-drying • Inflammable solvent capabilities • Ophthalmics • Controlled temperature processing • Tangential flow filtration, ultra filtration, high shear homogenisation

Formulation development

• Laboratory Scale process optimisation • GMP manufacture • Controlled release technology • Pelletisation, granulation, compression, encapsulation, coating

Analytical chemistry

• Separation science • Spectroscopy and compound characterisation • Method development and qualification • Microbiology and cell culture • Robotics/automation • Radiochemistry

Clinical supplies

• Multi-language labelling - translation and production • Clinical trials supply • Blister carding and packaging • Bottling and sealing of solid dosage forms • UK and worldwide distribution, including cold chain • Clinical technology


Wyeth has two investment projects in China. Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., originally named Suzhou Lederle Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., is an exclusive investment of Wyeth and was established in 1991 with a total investment of 29.9 million US dollars. Shanghai Wyeth Nutritional Co. Ltd. was founded in 1995, with a total investment of 24 million US dollars. These two investments combined total 53.9 million US dollars. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals currently has over 1,000 personnel in mainland China and Hong Kong.
Wyeth-Ayerst (China) Ltd. was founded in Delaware, America in 1992. Like Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, it is an affiliate of Wyeth. Its office in China was established in Shanghai in 1994 and mainly acts as a liaison for the importing and exporting of nutritional products and medicines produced by Wyeth and its subsidiaries.
Its Chief Representative, Dr.Wu, also acts as the President and Managing Director of Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Wyeth Nutritional Co. Ltd. Mr. Wu and his colleagues work in the Shanghai Office, located on the 28th floor of CITIC Square at 1168, Nanjing West Rd., Shanghai. Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.'s factory is located at 4, Baodai West Rd., Suzhou, and Shanghai Wyeth Nutritional Co. Ltd.'s factory is located at 582, Wuzhong Rd. Shanghai.
Wyeth, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Wyeth Nutritional Co., Ltd. will take the initiative in cooperating with the Chinese government in the implementation of its reform policies and guidelines regarding healthcare. With our strength and technical advantages, we are introducing new techniques and new products, thereby contributing to the improvement of the health and quality of life of the Chinese people.

Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
28 Floor, CITIC Square
1168 Nanjing West Road
Shanghai 200041
Phone 8621-5252-4633
Fax 8621-5298-4633

Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

Consumer Healthcare China OTC Division of Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Room 2603-2609, CITIC Square
1168 Nanjing Xi Road
Shanghai, 200041
Phone 86-21-5298-4799
Fax 86-21-5298-4799 

Shanghai Wyeth Nutritional Co., Ltd.
582 Wuzhong Road
Shanghai 201103 China
Phone 86-21-5477-2510

Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
140-1 Renmin South Road
P.R. China 215128
Phone 86-512-6527-0337

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