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Shanghai Genomics,Inc.

address: 647 Song Tao Road, Building #1
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Area
Shanghai 201203, P. R. China
contact: Contact

Ying Luo, Ph.D.
President and CEO - Shanghai Genomics Inc.
647 Song Tao Road, Building #1
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Area
Shanghai 201203, P. R. China
Phone: 86-21-50802536
Fax: 8
key person: Ying Luo, Ph.D., President and CEO

Jun Wu, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and CSO

Xiaoqing Sun, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Head of Biology

James Yu, Ph.D., Vice President of Biotechnology

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active in China: YES

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Active Pharmaceutical: NO
Ingredients: NO
Western Generics: YES

R & D:
Discovery: YES
Work Up (pilot to production): YES
Analysis: YES
Quality Control: NO
Stability: NO
Batch Release: NO

Clinical trials:
Run/Manage: NO
Data management: NO
Support Labs: NO

Non clinical & preclinical:
Animal Testing: GLP: NO
New materials Safety Assessment: NO
Pharmaceuticals: NO
Agrochemicals: NO
Industrial & Other Chemicals: NO
Non GLP - Discovery ADME: NO

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Generics: NO
Licensed Drugs: NO

Shanghai Genomics,Inc. was founded in August 2001, by returnees Dr. Ying Luo and Dr. Jun Wu, with funding of 43 million RMB from Shanghai Venture Capital Company and Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Corp., and later invested by GNI Ltd. The company currently employs 93 people, including 14 Ph.D. scientists. Shanghai Genomics occupies a 32,000-square-foot building located in the dynamic metropolitan Shanghai, which is one of the most modern laboratory facilities in China.

Shanghai Genomics dedicates itself in developing novel therapeutic products in lung fibrosis, hepatocirrhosis, viral infection, and new biomaterials for fractured bone rehabilitation. They also provide biotechnology services and products to worldwide research institutes, hospitals and companies. Shanghai Genomics has built multiple advanced drug discovery and development platforms, including signaling pathway mapping, gene expression profile studies, protein expression and purification, animal modeling, antibody generation and purification, and bioinformatics. Because of their superior R&D programs, the company has won various major research contracts and grants from the National Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal Government, and has also applied more than 20 patents, including PCT patents.
Shanghai Genomics has received extensive coverage by worldwide media such as the Wall Street Journal, Asian Wall Street Journal and many other well-known media in China for our well-trained technical staff and outstanding research capabilities. The founders of Shanghai Genomics were frequently invited to international conferences to introduce the fast growing Chinese bio-pharmaceutical companies. 
Ying Luo, Ph.D., President and CEO

Ying Luo joined Peking Union Medical College ( Peking University ) in 1982 and later went to University of Connecticut Health Center for Ph.D. degree. He did his postdoctoral research in UCSF and later joined Aviron Company and Clontech Laboratory. He last held position as Senior Director of Genomics in Rigel Pharmaceuticals before returning to China to found Shanghai Genomics, Inc. He has been working on protein-protein interaction related functional genomics technologies since 1992 and had many publications. He is also President and COO of GNI, Ltd. and a faculty member of China Genome Center at Shanghai.
Jun Wu, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and CSO
Dr. Jun Wu is the co-founder of Shanghai Genomics Inc. He attended Shanghai Medical University as a medical student and later continued his undergraduate studies at San Jose State University in the United States. In 1991, he received his B.S. degree in Microbiology and Immunology. In 1997, he received his doctoral degree at University of California, San Francisco. Later, he joined DNAX Research Institute and Rigel Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Jun Wu is an expert in lymphocyte signal transduction and tumor immunology. He is also the Chief Scientific Officer of GNI, Ltd and an adjunct faculty member of the China National Genome Center at Shanghai.
Xiaoqing Sun, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Head of Biology
He received Bachelor's degree from Fudan University in 1988, majoring in Genetics and Genetic Engineering. In 1991, he received Master's degree in Genetics from Institute of Genetics at Fudan University. In 1992, he moved to United States, and received Ph.D in Biochemistry at UMDNJ-Rutgers University. Then he did his postdoctoral research at Genentech, Inc. Now he is the vice president of Shanghaigenomics, directing functional gene screening and target validation.
James Yu, Ph.D., Vice President of Biotechnology
Dr. Yu received his Bachelor's degree from Nanjing University in 1986, majoring in Biochemistry. In 1989, he received a Master's degree in Cell Biology from Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology. Dr. Yu completed his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology at Temple University in 1997. After his postdoctoral research at Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals in Philadelphia, he joined Xenogen Corporation and held position as Senior Scientist/Project Manager before returning to China in 2005. Now he is the vice president at Shanghai Genomics.
Chinese National Human Genome Center At Shanghai
Chinese National Human Genome Center At Beijing
Shanghai Genomics was officially registered in August, 2001 with investment from two prestigious venture capital firms in China, Shanghai Venture Capital Company and Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Corp. The registered total asset is 43 million RMB ( US$ 5.2 million )
GNI, Ltd´╝Ü
GNI Ltd. is an international pharmaceutical development group with campuses in Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan, and Cambridge, U.K. GNI develops therapeutic pharmaceutical products internally and in collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies through gene regulatory networks and systems pharmacology techniques based on the gene regulatory network research at University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK), Kyushu University and University of Tokyo in Japan. GNI's founders pioneered the use of gene regulatory network maps in microbes and in humans to identify effective pharmaceutical molecules in the genome. The aim of GNI is to develop new therapeutic/diagnostic products in the fields of infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and cancer diagnosis.
Shanghai Venture Capital Company´╝Ü
Established in August 1999, Shanghai Venture Capital Co. Ltd. serves as a sole investment manager of 600 million RMB from Shanghai Municipal Government and is specialized in high-tech investment. In two years, SHVC has invested in 93 portfolio projects in four major fields, including IT, Biotechnology, new materials, and upgrading traditional manufacturing industry by applying new high technologies. The central purpose of SHVC is, via adoption of commonly in use international conventions associated with professional financial management, to entrust various venture capitalists to assist small startup firms and entrepreneurs in traversing the competitive rigors of the market, helping them to achieve success.
Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Corporate´╝Ü
Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Corp. is a listed company in Shanghai Stock Exchange ( stock code 600895 ). Established on April 18, 1996, it is mainly engaged in property development and investment of technology projects and operations planted in Shanghai Pudong - Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. Its total asset amounted to over 3 billion RMB at the end of year 2002.

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