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MPI Research

address: Mattawan (Corporate Headquarters)
54943 North Main Street
Mattawan, MI 49071-9399
(269) 668-3336 Phone
(269) 668-4151 Fax

State College
3058 Research Drive
State College, PA 16801


trunover in millions USD: 0
R & D turnover in millions USD: 0
NET profit: 0
year of financial results:
employees: 0

active in China: NO

SFDA approved: NO


Activities engaged in:
Manufacture: NO
Active Pharmaceutical: NO
Ingredients: NO
Western Generics: NO

R & D:
Discovery: YES
Work Up (pilot to production): YES
Analysis: YES
Quality Control: YES
Stability: YES
Batch Release: YES

Clinical trials:
Run/Manage: NO
Data management: NO
Support Labs: NO

Non clinical & preclinical:
Animal Testing: GLP: NO
New materials Safety Assessment: NO
Pharmaceuticals: NO
Agrochemicals: NO
Industrial & Other Chemicals: NO
Non GLP - Discovery ADME: NO

Chemistry-contract manufacture:
Generics: NO
Licensed Drugs: NO

MPI Research exists to provide comprehensive non-clinical and early clinical development research that meets the requirements of pharmaceutical, medical device, animal health, and chemical companies as well as governmental agencies as we partner together to bring safer, healthier products to the world.
It is the common goal of MPI Research to ensure high quality, on-time research that adds value to our sponsors' efforts to discover, develop, and enhance products in a regulated environment.
We excel as a high performance, high quality organization because of experience, integrity, trust, and teamwork - among our staff and with our sponsors.
The company provides the following service:
Sound science and complete customer service, along with accelerated program development, are all certainties at MPI Research and its divisions. We take great pride in assuring thorough and timely support of all your research programs by providing:
  •  Top-quality studies, with careful attention to detail and accuracy
  • Extensive GLP experience
  • The most experienced scientific research team in the industry
  • Unprecedented responsiveness to Sponsors
  • Multiple specialty scientific teams
  • Known for our substantial in vivo animal capacity
  • The most comprehensive historical control database in the industry
  • Consultative approaches to study designs and nonclinical programs, especially in terms of our ability to work as extensions of the staff and facilities of our Sponsors
  • Capacity, expertise, and technology allow for fast study starts
  • On time, accurate reporting
  • Open communication throughout the organization
Unique in the industry, MPI Research offers a scope of services that is unsurpassed. MPI Sponsors, including pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical companies, who are seeking no clinical testing can have it all completed, from drug discovery to IND submission, by the diverse and experienced scientific staff at MPI Research.
The MPI Team
The MPI team of over 1000 employees demands excellence from itself, and delivery of high quality, on-time research in all areas of nonclinical research. With a focus on open, honest, and timely communication, the MPI team also prides itself on its responsiveness to all Sponsors.
Corporate Management Team
William U. Parfet, MBA, joined MPI Research in November 1995 as Co-chairman. He has served since May 1999 as Chairman and CEO of MPI Research. At Richard-Allan Medical, a worldwide manufacturer of surgical products, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer from October 1993 to January 1996. Before that, he had been employed at The Upjohn Company (now recognized as Pfizer, Inc.) since March 1973. A member of the Board of Directors from 1985–2003, he served as Vice Chairman of the Board, President (1991–1993) and Executive Vice President (1989–1991) of The Upjohn Company.
Mr. Parfet serves on various other boards, including CMS Energy Corporation, Monsanto Company, Parexel International Corporation, Stryker Corporation, Flint Ink Corporation, and MPI Research. He also serves as Commissioner for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Previously, Mr. Parfet has served as Trustee for the Financial Accounting Foundation, the group that oversees the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), and was a member of the Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF). He is a past National Chairman of the Financial Executives Institute (FEI).
Mr. Parfet received his BA (with honors) in 1970 from Lake Forest College with a major in economics and received his MBA in international finance from the University of Michigan in 1972.
Bill Harrison, BS, is President and Chief Operating Officer of MPI Research and has overall responsibility for daily operations. Before joining MPI Research in 1993, he was Director of Regulatory Affairs and Operations at Pharmaco LSR (formerly Bio/dynamics). Mr. Harrison is a member of the MPI Research Board of Directors. He is an active member and past-President of the Society of Quality Assurance. He holds a BS degree in biomedical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has 20 years experience in contract laboratories.
Jim Laveglia, PhD, is Executive Vice President and Director of Research. Before joining MPI Research in June 1996 as Senior Study Director, he served as Director of Toxicology and Animal Metabolism at Ricerca, Inc. In his numerous managerial positions in the chemical industry and with contract toxicology laboratories, he has directed the activities of toxicologists, pathologists, technical staff, report-preparation staff, and overall corporate operations. Dr. Laveglia earned his PhD. at Iowa State University and has more than 27 years of experience as a toxicologist.
Andy Dumpis, BS, is Treasurer and Chief Accounting Officer and a member of the Corporate Management Team at MPI Research. He has overall responsibility for the Finance Department, which includes accounting, pricing, and purchasing. Mr. Dumpis joined MPI in 1998 after relocating from the West Coast with his wife and two children. He is an active member of the Financial Executive Institute and holds a BS from Ohio State University. He brings more than 22 years of financial experience in a wide range of industries, including real estate, manufacturing, and research and development.
Research Team
The MPI team of researchers brings a broad base of diverse scientific experience to MPI Research. With credentials in academia as well as private industry, the level of knowledge within the scientific and technical team at MPI Research is unprecedented.
Scientific Affiliations

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