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China Sky One Medical,Inc.

address: 865 Figueroa Street Suite # 3340
Los Angeles, CA 90017
contact: Tel: 86-451-53994064
Fax: 86-451-82541840
key person: President-Liu Yan-qing(CEO)

Vice President-Han Xiao-yan(CFO)

Director-Wang Hai-feng(Deputy General Manager)

trunover in millions USD: 49
R & D turnover in millions USD: 0
NET profit: 15
year of financial results: 2007
employees: 1214

active in China: YES

SFDA approved: NO


Activities engaged in:
Manufacture: YES
Active Pharmaceutical: YES
Ingredients: YES
Western Generics: NO

R & D:
Discovery: YES
Work Up (pilot to production): NO
Analysis: NO
Quality Control: NO
Stability: NO
Batch Release: NO

Clinical trials:
Run/Manage: NO
Data management: NO
Support Labs: NO

Non clinical & preclinical:
Animal Testing: GLP: NO
New materials Safety Assessment: NO
Pharmaceuticals: NO
Agrochemicals: NO
Industrial & Other Chemicals: NO
Non GLP - Discovery ADME: NO

Chemistry-contract manufacture:
Generics: YES
Licensed Drugs: NO

China Sky One Medical,Inc.(CSKI) was founded in 2005 with its HQ in Los Angeles, America. The holding company is China Harbin Tian Di Ren Medical Science and Technology Company and its subsidiary company Harbin First Bioengineering Company and Harbin Kangxi Health Products Factory. Established in 1996, Harbin TDR Medical Science and Technology Company mainly engage in exterior TCM products R&D, Production and Sales. Up to now, company has succeeded in developing over 30 kinds of exterior TCM products, including Spray, Plaster, Ointment/Cream and Powder. Meanwhile, company has established wide sales network in China. Company takes leading position in exterior Trans Dermal Technique and is one of most comprehensive external TCM suppliers in China. TDR established First Bioengineering Company in 2003 and succeed in strategy transfer to bio-drug. All their bio-drug developed or under development are in the leading position in China or over the whole world.
At present, Company is extending sales network and will establish sale network to cover the whole China mainland. In addition, their products have been exported to more than 11 developed countries including America, German and so on. Per capita GDP has been over USD 1000 and Chinese consuming capacity is enhanced largely. Both Chinese government and Chinese people have new demand about health. All above factors have propelled CSKI to develop more new drug, especially bio-drug and pay more attention to Chinese market.
The key strategies of company development and marketing are:
1) Leveraging the strong reputation of Sky One Medical products in China to reinforce brand identities.
2) Extending the distribution of its products to contiguous markets with highly concentrated populations.
3) Developing 10 new bio-drugs and 10 new TCM products, focusing on increased marketing of value added high margin bio-products.
4) Establishing a new bio-drug production line.
5) Establishment of tissue and cell bank.

Corporate management holds the following views about corporate development:
Enterprise has to own ambition that is the key to become bigger and stronger.
Corporate strategy is the base to realize corporate goal.
Talent People are most important resource of an enterprise and promote enterprise to become stronger. But mediocre people will drive enterprise to become weaker.
Technique is the best choice for an enterprise to realize quick development.  
Harbin TDR Medical Science and Technology Company is located in Harbin Heilongjiang Province, China and its subsidiary company—Harbin FTB Bioengineering Company is located in Harbin Binxi Economic Zone linked with 30 km of express way to center of Harbin. It will take 40 mins from Binxi Economic Zone to Center of Harbin, which is convenient for manufacture and logistics.
HQ of company is located in Nangang district, Harbin which is first big city in northeast china. In 2005, Harbin ranked tenth in comprehensive competition ability. In addition, the city incorporates lots of technique talents and the total technique talents rank in top ten. HIT and Harbin Engineering University are very famous in China and participate in key technique research of manned space flight. Harbin Medical University is Chinese famous medical university. Besides, Harbin is one of Chinese famous pharmaceuticals basement. Accompanying china government’s plan to renovate former northeast industry base, Harbin will play more and more important role in future. A lot of foreign companies invest in Harbin to establish production base. Harbin is committing itself to become economic, culture and communication center of northeast China and even northeast Asia.
Processing Facilities
TDR, and its subsidiaries, have two separate facilities, headquartered in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. The older facility covers 52,000 square meters, and includes 3,000 square meters of production space, and 1,000 square meters of warehouse with 90% virescence rate. The facility includes an extraction workshop (1200 square meters) and filling workshop (500 square meters) for traditional Chinese medicines; a patches production line (500 square meters), packing workshop (500 square meters), testing workshop (50 square meters), examination laboratory (100 square meters), sample laboratory (50 square meters), refine room (100 square meters), a work-in-process warehouse (300 square meters) and finished product warehouse (200 square meters), materials warehouse (100 square meters) and a packing warehouse (400 square meters).

The newer facility covers 40,000 square meters, and consists of a four floor office building (1500 square meters for office purpose, 1200 square meters for R&D center, 800 square meters for central examination lab., dormitory and eatery 1000 square meters.), total 4500 square meters construction area, and a factory of 3,500 square meters. The facilities also include: an enzyme immunity reagent kit production workshop (1500 square meters) and a colloid gold production workshop (600 square meters), packing workshop (800 square meters), examination lab. (500 square meters). The newer facility also includes a research center covering approximately 1,200 square meters, for research pertaining to the development of various products, including traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), biological medicine, gene medicine, immune body research, vitro diagnosis reagent.

Other pertain facilities include electricity room, heating and boiler room, garage, total is 1700 square meters.

The details workshops are:

Enzyme immunity examination reagent kit production workshop includes antigen and immune body districts, which including Wan Ji district, disinfection room, aseptic clothes room, cushion room, disinfection room, weighting room, liquor room, separation room, cleaning equipment room, Wan Ji flow cushion room, and antigen and immune body sign room. Enzyme sign processing district has cushion room, cloth cleaning room, cleaning equipment room, packing material temporary storage room, raw material temporary storage room, equipment storage room, weighting room, liquor room, seal protection room, seal foster room, drying room, packing room, and middle cooler room. Work fluid separation loading room has disinfection clean room, storage room, weighting room, liquor room, loading room, and immune body purification room.

The colloid gold production workshop has golden sign liquor room, darkroom, sample room, seal room, cementation room, cutting room, and packing room.

The packing workshop has central equipment room, cooler room, material relay room, label temporary storage room, packing material temporary storage room, pending examination cooler rooms (2), and finished product cooler rooms (2).

The production facilities are operated in accordance with “good manufacturing practices” (“GMP”), and are GMP certified.
TDR Medical is the only one of professional enterprise in Heilongjiang province engaged in R&D of bio-technique and is in leading position in China in monoclonal antibody preparation, human anti-body and gene recombination drugs studies. Its 1200 m2 of international standard laboratory equipped with modern research equipments and apparatus can satisfy development of multi-level researches. The laboratory is also the largest molecule biology lab in Heilongjiang province. As early as 2005, TDR Medical has established allied development agreement with National Drug and Bio-products Examining Institute, Cellular Transplantation Key Laboratory of Health of Ministry and Harbin Medical University.
The  R&D team consists of by 39 staff, in which includes 21 full time researchers, 18 part time experts who are the famous professors from renowned universities of China. All our researchers are Bachelors above, which includes 2 researchers with Doctor degree, 12 researchers with Master degree. Most of the researchers experienced professional training in Heilongjiang Chinese Medicine University, Harbin Medical University, Australian Melbourne University and Medical Inspection Center of New South Wales Prince Hospital.
They are strong in R&D ability and have completed several key science projects to Heilongjiang Science Committee.
TDR Medical has established long-term cooperation relationship with domestic renowned universities including Harbin Medical University, Northeastern Agriculture University, Jilin University etc.They established Gene Drug Laboratory with Harbin Medical University by collaboration, Cell Culture Laboratory with Northeastern Agriculture University, Monoclonal Anti-body Preparation Laboratory with Jilin University and with Microbiology Faculty of Beijing Normal University to establish R&D Laboratory.
Board of Directors
President-Liu Yan-qing(CEO)
Liu Yan-qing is the Director of Harbin Tian Di Ren Medical Science and Technology Company and also the General Manager of Harbin First Bio-Engineering Company Limited. He graduated from Prophylactic Department of Harbin Medicine University, where he obtained his bachelor's degree. In 2005, he studied at Tsing Hua University and got an Executive Masters of Business. Before establishing his own company, he had 8 years of experience as a reporter of Family Health Newspaper. He has 10 years of experience in drug marketing, R&D of new drugs and enterprise management. He has been instrumental in establishing TDR's sales program and sales network covering the PRC.
Vice President-Han Xiao-yan(CFO)
Han Xiao-yan is the General Manager of TDR and the Vice Director of Harbin First Bio-Engineering Company Limited. She received a master of business administration at Harbin Industrial University. She had five years of hygiene and medical media experience before becoming employed by TDR, and has been instrumental in developing and marketing TDR's products and expanding its sales. She serves as senior marketing manager and administrative manager. She has 10 years of financial management experience. In 2004, she was appointed the general manager of TDR, with responsibility for financing, production, quality control and purchasing. In 2003, she was appointed vice director of First Bio-Engineering Company Limited.
Director-Wang Hai-feng(Deputy General Manager)
Wang Hai-feng graduated from Heilongjiang University where he majored in English Literature and received two bachelors degrees in English and International Trade. He joined TDR in 2003 and has served as the manager of the international business department, and the assistant to the president and the secretary of the board of directors. He has been instrumental in the establishment of the Company's international business department and the expansion of foreign trade. In 2005, he assisted in product innovation and branding for international markets. Through the efforts of Mr. Wang, the Company has established strategic relationships with several foreign partners. Before his employment by TDR, Mr. Wang had experience in product exporting, translating and project operations in foreign companies.
CSKI owns 1214 employees by April 2006, among which 17 of management, 26 of R&D staffs, 114 of ordinary staff and workers and 1057 of sales clerk.
Human resource is most valuable resource of an enterprise. CSKI has realized importance of HR and take effect action to carry out training. Company designs and carry out training according to integrity of HR management. Besides, company establishes effective training department to plan, design and improve training system. As a result, they can stimulate enthusiasm, activity, creativeness and complete training appraisal in time to obtain valuable feedback information.
Company adopts combination method of internal training and outer training. Usually, company will provide outer training to staffs as well as internal training to further improve quality of staffs.
Overseas Market
Company commits itself to develop international market and enlarge the brand recognition. In international market, they mainly cooperate with abroad agents. They provide products, sales strategy and after sale service and agents will finish all sales work. Qualified products, timely supply and best after sale service help them to enhance their reputation. They are the oriental expert of plaster and advocate natural and health way of life. Till now, they have established sales network with 11 countries and regions including America, German, Denmark, and China Hong Kong etc. They will further develop international market in future, participate in international trade fair and increase advertisement investment of large scale network. At the time of domestic fierce competition, extension of international sales network will bring new development to company.

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