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Charles River

address: Charles River Laboratories, Inc.
251 Ballardvale Street
Wilmington, MA 01887-1000
contact: Phone: 978-658-6000
Fax: 978-658-7132
key person: James Foster Chmn & CEO

trunover in millions USD: 1122
R & D turnover in millions USD: 0
NET profit: 142
year of financial results: 2005
employees: 8400

active in China: YES
partner in China: Shanghai BioExplorer Co Ltd

SFDA approved: YES
SFDA approved date: 30/03/2007


Activities engaged in:
Manufacture: YES
Active Pharmaceutical: YES
Ingredients: YES
Western Generics: NO

R & D:
Discovery: NO
Work Up (pilot to production): YES
Analysis: YES
Quality Control: YES
Stability: YES
Batch Release: YES

Clinical trials:
Run/Manage: YES
Data management: YES
Support Labs: YES

Non clinical & preclinical:
Animal Testing: GLP: YES
New materials Safety Assessment: NO
Pharmaceuticals: YES
Agrochemicals: YES
Industrial & Other Chemicals: YES
Non GLP - Discovery ADME: NO

Chemistry-contract manufacture:
Generics: NO
Licensed Drugs: NO

From headquarters near Boston, MA, Charles River Laboratories' 7,500 employees serve clients as global providers of solutions that advance the drug discovery and development process. Their leading-edge products and services enable clients to bring drugs to market faster and more efficiently. Backed by their rigorous, best-in-class procedures and our proven data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities, Charles River Laboratories Research Models and Preclinical Services including Phase I Clinical Services, are unequaled in the drug development business.  
Who Their Customers Are
Their customer base includes every major pharmaceutical and biotechnology company worldwide as well as leading academic institutions and government research centers.
Why Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies Outsource Drug Discovery and Development Research to them
Outsourcing helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies put more drug candidates in the pipeline, move those compounds through the pipeline faster, and at the same time control development costs. In many cases, the research programs at pharmaceutical companies are operating at or near capacity. Outsourcing helps them pursue the development of a greater number of compounds without taking on the added capital expense of constructing new facilities, hiring new people, and outfitting new labs with expensive equipment. In addition, outsourcing allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies to focus their internal R&D assets on core activities.
Established in 1947
Corporate headquarters located in Wilmington, MA
101 production facilities, offices, and laboratories in 17 countries
Approximately 8,400 employees worldwide
Over 500 employees with PhD, MD, or DVM degrees
Research Models and Services
Research Models
Transgenic Services
Consulting & Staffing Services
Laboratory Animal Diagnostic Testing
Avian Products & Services
In Vitro Products & Services
Preclinical Services
General & Specialty Toxicology
Lead Optimization Technology
Central Laboratory & Bioanalytical Services
ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity)
Biopharmaceutical Services
Agrochemical & Veterinary Services
Pathology Services
Scientific & Regulatory Consulting
Program Management
Clinical Services
Phase I Facility
Central Labs & Bioanalysis
Program & Regulatory Consulting
Consumer Research Unit
Charles River Laboratories Expands Global Reach to China
  • Signs Joint Venture Agreement with Chinese Partner
  • Plans to Construct 50,000-Square-Foot Preclinical Facility in Shanghai
Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. (NYSE:CRL) announced  the expansion of its global footprint in Asia as part of its strategy to support customers' research and development efforts in this rapidly growing market. As pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies increase their presence in Asia, Charles River intends to remain the strategic partner of choice to fully support customers' global needs from drug discovery through proof of concept.
The first phase of this expansion includes the signing of a joint venture agreement with Shanghai BioExplorer Co., Ltd., a Shanghai, China-based provider of preclinical services, to form Charles River Laboratories Preclinical Services - China. The joint venture will be majority owned and controlled by Charles River. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including Chinese regulatory approval, and is expected to close by the end of the second quarter of 2007.
As part of this agreement, Charles River will construct a 50,000-square-foot preclinical services facility in Shanghai. The facility, which is expected to open in mid-2008, will provide a wide range of discovery and development services, including GLP and non-GLP toxicology studies. These services will meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's and Charles River's standards for quality, as well as Charles River's stringent animal welfare policies. Charles River intends to use its own research models in the new Shanghai facility, which the Company believes will enhance the quality of the studies performed there.

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