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address: E Building ,ZGC Life Science Park,
No.29,Life Science Park Road
contact: Tel: (8610)-80768000
Fax: (8610)-80703150
key person: Masood Tayebi, PhD. Executive Chairman

John V. Oyler, Chief Executive Officer & President

Dr. Nigel Beeley, CEO China Operations

Tianjing Deng, Ph.D., Director Analytics

trunover in millions USD: 0
R & D turnover in millions USD: 0
NET profit: 0
year of financial results: 2005
employees: 400

active in China: YES

SFDA approved: NO


Activities engaged in:
Manufacture: NO
Active Pharmaceutical: NO
Ingredients: NO
Western Generics: NO

R & D:
Discovery: YES
Work Up (pilot to production): YES
Analysis: YES
Quality Control: NO
Stability: NO
Batch Release: NO

Clinical trials:
Run/Manage: YES
Data management: YES
Support Labs: YES

Non clinical & preclinical:
Animal Testing: GLP: NO
New materials Safety Assessment: YES
Pharmaceuticals: NO
Agrochemicals: NO
Industrial & Other Chemicals: NO
Non GLP - Discovery ADME: NO

Chemistry-contract manufacture:
Generics: NO
Licensed Drugs: NO

BioDuro is a US-based, fully-integrated, end-to-end global life science outsourcing services company. Our priority is providing the highest quality, FDA-compliant services at an affordable cost. Our customers are over 30 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and our services span the entire range of drug discovery and development, from discovery chemistry, through pharmacology and drug safety and evaluation, to clinical trials.
Unlike many others,BioDuro's leadership team is built with true expertise across all aspects of drug discovery and a deep understanding of how to build and operate high quality professional services organizations.
Through BioDuro's extensive internal capabilities and partner affiliations, BioDuro will provide our customers access to GLP and GCP services that span the drug development spectrum and the globe. BioDuro is headquartered in the US with operations in China and expansion plans for India, Europe and Latin America.
Unlike many other services organizations, BioDuro does not pursue its own discovery or development programs -- our customers' programs are our sole focus. BioDuro's success is wholly predicated on its unfailing commitment to customers, IP protection, confidentiality, integrity, efficiency, and quality.
Masood Tayebi, PhD. Executive Chairman
Masood's ability to build and grow a global multi-billion dollar outsourcing services business is incontrovertible. He brings the wealth of experience and critical insights into the service sector, gained through his success in the telecom industry, and in founding BioDuro, Masood applies the lessons learned to advancing the drug development industry.
Masood Tayebi has been involved in founding, financing, and managing numerous companies. Most recently, Masood founded, built, and managed WFI, the leading global services firm to the wireless industry. WFI currently employs 2,700, has operations in over 60 countries. In 2000, at the peak of telecom hype, WFI had a market capitalization of over $7 billion.
Masood is also a partner in Bridgewest, a San Diego Based investment firm that is active in venture capital and real estate investment. BridgeWest has invested in 12 start-up companies including LogicTree and QThink.
Masood is also a direct investor with sizable holdings in 9 venture firms including Oak Investment Partners and Credit Suisse's venture fund.
Prior to co-founding WFI, Dr. Tayebi enjoyed a successful engineering career with several well known multinational corporations including British Telecom and LCC International.
Dr. Tayebi received his Ph.D. in mobile radio propagation from the University of Liverpool, and his M.S. in electronics engineering from the University of Southampton.
John V. Oyler, Chief Executive Officer & President
John is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of success who has started and managed 8 companies and has raised over $US225 million in capital.
During his career, Mr. Oyler has been responsible for a wide array of activities including: organization building, partnering with multi-national companies, instigating clinical trials at Sloan Kettering, Sidney Kimmel, and Mass General, licensing and managing intellectual property, building software-database-statistical capabilities to handle extremely large-scale data, and most importantly building highly functional, world-class organizations.
Dr. Nigel Beeley, CEO China Operations
Dr. Beeley is an internationally recognized biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry executive with more than twenty five years of experience in drug discovery and development, including involvement in 15 projects that progressed molecules to the clinic, three of which have become marketed products.
Dr. Beeley obtained a BSc. Honours (Class 1) degree in chemistry from the University of Liverpool, UK followed by a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester, UK on prostaglandin synthesis (supervisor Prof. J.K. Sutherland). He then spent two years as a Royal Society Overseas Research Fellow in Prof. A. Eschenmoser's laboratory (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland) on the synthesis of macrolide antibiotics.
His industrial career began at Reckitt and Coleman, Pharmaceuticals Division, UK working on opiates followed by several years in the cardiovascular group of Synthabo Recherche, Paris, France working on ACE inhibitors, dopamine agonists and calcium antagonists. Returning to the UK in 1988, he joined Celltech as Head of Oncology-Chemistry, contributing in particular to programs on antibody targeting to tumour antigens and inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases. In 1994 he became Senior Director of Chemistry at Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. San Diego, USA working on peptides and proteins related to amylin, leptin and exendin along with small molecule amylin antagonists, activators of mitochondrial uncoupling protein (UCPs) and anti-atherosclerotic compounds. From early 1999 to June 2004 he was Vice President and Chief Chemical Officer at Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where he built two substantial teams totaling over 120 chemically oriented scientists working on known and orphan G-protein coupled receptors. From June 2004 to early 2007 he was Vice President, Discovery for Senomyx, Inc. where he was focused on the identification and optimization of ligands for G-protein coupled receptors and ion channels involved in taste.
Dr. Dean Rodwell
Dr. Rodwell has over 40 years experience in safety evalaution and has worked in numerous executive roles at ITRI, Huntington Life Sciences, Springborn Laboratories, WIL Laboratories, G.D. Searle and Company, and Lederle Laboratories. Dean is also well known in the area of teratology.
Dr. Rodwell is located in Beijing and works at the National Center for Safety Evaluation of Drugs (NCSED), the premiere preclinical laboratory in China. This laboratory was built in 2000 and has been operating under the Chinese GLP for several years with a staff of 82. As part of BioDuro exclusive collaboration agreement with the NCSED, Dean aids in oversight, training, communication with the western world, obtainment of western GLP compliance and to AAALAC accreditation. Dean also oversees independent QA/QC.
Tianjing Deng, Ph.D., Director Analytics  
Dr. Deng joined BioDuro from PPD where he spent six years and ran several analytical chemistry groups that worked with major pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies. Dr. Deng also has extensive experience with IND, NDA, ANDA FDA, and EMEA filings. Dr. Deng has extensive experience in pharmaceutical analysis and he is the member of Extractable/Leachable working group at Product Quality Research Institute (PQRI). Dr. Deng graduated from Fudan University with a BS in Applied Chemistry and received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Marquette University. He also attended MBA program at University of Wisconsin Business School.
BioDuro offers end-to-end research and development capabilities for the life science industry. BioDuro primarily provides these services internally through its world-class staff, but also has partnered selectively with exceptional organizations.
BioDuro is building global research capabilities at an affordable cost and complementing our local teams with experienced industry leaders that head our research centers. Equally important, BioDuro's team includes exceptional, experienced scientists that are local to our customers and can quickly stop by to discuss work in progress.
BioDuro offers service in the following areas:
BioDuro offers a broad range of outsourcing solutions in discovery and preclinical biology spanning in vitro and cellular screening to pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and toxicology studies.
Their fully integrated discovery and pre-clinical biology capabilities encompass primary and secondary biological target screening, experimental ADME profiling, and pharmacology and toxicology studies. BioDuro's internal expertise in discovery biology, experimental design, and bioanaltical techniques have been seemlessly integrated through a stratgegic alliance with the highest quality pharmacology and toxicology center in China. This scientific collaboration provides comprehensive services performed within a standardized GLP environment complemented with highly experienced, thrid party auditing, training, and documentation to ensure an absolute commmitment to quality. Their drug safety evaluation spans a standard battery of CNS, cardiovascular and respiratory system tests.
BioDuro also works with protein expression, fermentation and bioprocessing for the production of peptides, proteins, antibodies and other biologics.
Their unique approach ensures fast, flexible, customer-oriented services, reinforced by strong project management and scientific expertise. They achieve this by combining nearby scientific support to their customers with on the ground, highly experienced scientists in their research centers. In addition, BioDuro drives value through accessing the advantages of lower research costs globally.
BioDuro is building a comprehensive range of human clinical services that will aid pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics companies engaged in phase I-IV clinical trials.

Although today BioDuro is involved in clinical trial management,We are still in the pilot stages of building our clinical trial capabilities.


Bioduro expects functional bioanalytic capabilities in Q2 2007.


BioDuro's global operations will provide clients with access to rapid enrollment and optimal trial size due to our ability to access large patient populations at an affordable cost. BioDuro is establishing a global network of hospitals and highly-trained clinical investigators that complements an internal staff that is highly experienced in study design, protocol writing, data analysis and reporting and the regulatory and scientific requirements of clinical trial implementation and monitoring.


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