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» 23/07/2009 [Company watch]
China Aoxing Pharmaceutical Corp. Receives Renewal of GMP Certification for Capsule Dosage Form of Pharmaceutical Products
» 15/03/2010 [Industry news]
Recordati S.p.A And Lee Pharmaceutical Announce Partnership For Zanidip(R) In China
» 26/10/2009 [Finance]
China Growth to Remain Fast in Fourth Quarter, Official Says
» 17/08/2009 [Industry news]
Chindex Posts Profit on Product Sales, Health Services
» 07/05/2010 [Industry news]
Hong Kong: Recall of all products manufactured by Quality Pharmaceutical Lab Ltd
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Wuxi Pharma Tech »31/08/2007 [Finance]
Wuxi shares have risen 91% since Aug 9th IPO

Just thought you'd be interested - the remaining share index fell by 2% over the same period. Ist quarter earnings this year Wuxi was up 900% on the same period last year...   more»

Wuxi Pharma Tech »04/09/2007 [Company watch]
WuXi PharmaTech Co., Ltd. Schedules 2007 Second Quarter Earnings Release on Thursday, September 6, 2007

SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 4 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- WuXi PharmaTech (Cayman) Inc. ("WuXi PharmaTech" or ''the Company''), the leading China- based pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development outsourcing company, today announced that it will release unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2007 before the US market opens on Thursday, September 6, 2007.(...   more»

Wuxi Pharma Tech »24/08/2007 [Company watch]
WuXi PharmaTech Co., Ltd. CEO Appointed to CrossFire Beilstein Database Advisory Board

SHANGHAI, China, Aug. 24 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- WuXi PharmaTech , China's premier provider of pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing services announced today Dr. Ge Li, the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is appointed to a newly established advisory board of Elsevier Information Systems GmbH....   more»

Covance »17/09/2007 [Company watch]
Covance nominates Bi Honggang as VP, GM in China

Covance, the world's second largest contract research organization (CRO), recently announced the successful nomination of Bi Honggang as Vice President and General Manager, China. Bi will lead Covance's business activities in China and represent Covance in its regulatory activities with the Chinese government. Bi Honggang received his Ph.D. in chemistry and drug metabolism from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and has more than 15 years experience in pharmaceutical research and development at companies including SmithKline Beecham, Parke-Davis, and Pfizer. Before joining Covance, Bi worked as Chief Executive Officer of Frontage Laboratories in Malvern, Pa. Covance established its first clinical office in Beijing in 1998 and recently opened its fifth global central laboratory in Shanghai, China....   more»

Wuxi Pharma Tech »20/09/2007 [Company watch]
Wuxi (Gossip!)

WuXi PharmaTech (Cayman) Inc., and its consolidated subsidiaries, WuXi PharmaTech (BVI) Inc., or WXPT BVI, WuXi PharmaTech Co., Ltd., or WXPT, Shanghai PharmaTech Co., Ltd., or SHPT, Shanghai SynTheAll Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., or STA, Shanghai PharmaTech Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., or SHCT, Tianjin PharmaTech Co., Ltd., or TJPT, and Suzhou PharmaTech Co., Ltd., or SZPT; They are engaged in a substantial capacity expansion program. Major projects include the expansion of Jinshan facility to quadruple the manufacturing capacity of the plant, which is currently expected to commence operations in late 2008, and the construction of a preclinical drug safety evaluation center with a broad range of toxicology services in Suzhou, which they are planning to inaugurate in 2009. These facilities may not be constructed on the anticipated timetable or within budget. The total investment of Suzhou Pharmatech (a subsidiary of Wuxi Pharmatech) is 60,000,000 US Dollars, it will run as the research center of drug safety evaluation, preclinical and clinical trials, besides these, this center provides the drug research service, medical material and R&D of bio-products. can not find any information about the building ,but I think it almost finished, because I find some job information of Wuxi Pharmatech(Suzhou).It starts to put on Ad on Web .They want to hire the Senior veterinary who will charge the routine lab work of the Primates, the animal feeder who will charge the large animal—dog and monkey to feed them and do the clean work. It is said that the Suzhou Pharmatech will become the largest Glp new drug safety evaluation center around Asia(just gossip, no official report) .In addition, I attached the new GLP center list. Hope that this information will be useful. The following is the details of the new VP of Operation of Wuxi Pharmatech ,this person worked for Bridge before....   more»

APEX International Clinical Research Co., »15/10/2007 [Company watch]
CRO Parexel expands and acquires Apex in China

Parexel International (PRXL), the CRO powerhouse, increased its presence in the China CRO market by acquiring Apex International Clinical Research Co., Ltd of Taiwan. Parexel paid $50.9 million for 93.9% of the outstanding shares. The Massachusetts company has owned a minority stake in Apex for the past four years. Apex has established offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including mainland China and Hong Kong. Parexel is a worldwide CRO, but it now has upped its in-house facilities in Taiwan, China and the Asia-Pacific region. In a press release, Josef von Rickenbach, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Parexel, said clients were demanding services in the Asia-Pacific region because of the markets there, plus the sophisticated healthcare systems and highly trained professionals in the region. He did not mention the cost savings. In a recent interview published in BioSpectrum, Albert Liou, Chairman and CEO of Apex International, said that each country has its strengths and weaknesses as a site for clinical trials, but China has the best outlook overall. Within three to five years, it will be one of the top five markets in the world, he said, so companies will develop products in China to meet the needs of its vast population. In its fiscal 2007, ended June 30, Parexel reported revenues of $742 million, up 21%, and net income of $37.3 million, an increase of 53%. Its CRO revenues were $549 million. Although Apex will be part of Parexel for only three weeks of its first quarter, Parexel said the new division would add $1 million in revenue in that quarter and up to $17 million for the 2008 fiscal year....   more»

Charles River »22/10/2007 [Company watch]
Charles River expansion in China

1. Joint venture with Bioexplorer (Bioexplorer was set up in January 2005, a preclinical contract research company, its main customer includes Lily, Roche and Pfizer) was signed on March 2007. 2. Transaction completed on June 15 2007. 2. The joint venture company will be known as Charles River Laboratories Preclinical Services – China, which Charles River will be the majority owner. 3. Company plan- Phase One l 6000 square meter Pre-existing shell; l 38 study rooms; l 17 non-rodent rooms; l 21 rodent rooms; l Clean/dirty corridor; l Construction started in Oct.2007, and will be completed in May 2008; l Non-clinical pilot studies will begin in May 2008; l Open for business in July 2008; l Fully GLP validation will be finished in Aug.2008; l Receive AAALAC accredited in Feb.2009; l globally. It will build 120 studies rooms in 3-5 years. l Phase Two will meet the European animal welfare standard. l The final goal of service will be EMEA and US FDA GLP compliance. 5. Staff l CRL China have 45 staff now. They want to have 120 staff initially and then 225 in full. Senior staff will be sent to Montreal to train for 9-12 months. Currently there are 5 staffs in training in Montreal. l The Montreal experts will be sent to Shanghai to support this newly established lab. l Kewen also wants to collaborate with some big pharms to provide some training courses to the students (toxicology, phathology and veterinary) in Chinese University of Agriculture. 6. The existing IT system ensures earlier integration and data consistency. 7. Animal Resources: l Non Human Primates from Chinese supplier; 4. Company plan- Phase Two l This laboratory will become the second largest site of Charles River Dogs from Marshall-a joint venture company in Beijing; l SPF rodent import from Charles River Lab Japan; l Large rodent will come from Charles River Lab China Rodent facility which will be nearby and supply service throughout China. 8. Caging Have three Chinese suppliers making prototype at the moment. The one they choose will supply Charles River globally....   more»

Shanghai ChemPartner Co.,Ltd. »30/10/2007 [Company watch]
ShangPharma Receives Strategic Investment from TPG

ShangPharma Corporation ("ShangPharma" or the "Group"), a leading China-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development outsourcing company, today announced that leading global private investment firm TPG, through its TPG Growth Fund and TPG Biotech Fund (collectively known as "TPG"), has invested over US$30 million into the Group....   more»

MDS Pharma Services »26/10/2007 [Company watch]
MDS Pharma - Grand Opening of Central Lab in Beijing

New Beijing Global Central Lab The new 24,000 square foot global central lab in Beijing offers even more diverse testing techniques and platforms and increased testing capacity. With 10 years of experience in China this all new facility offers unmatched central lab services, including in-house project and data management support as well as kit production for better control and quick study set up, in-house testing for consistency and seamless data, and the all-new Apollo Study Management System which ensures transparent tracking of samples and data, so your study will run smoothly right up to final data lock....   more»

Shanghai ChemPartner Co.,Ltd. »03/11/2007 [Company watch]
China drug R&D outsourcing firm mulls IPO

Shangpharma Corp, the second-largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology research outsourcing firm in China, is considering an initial public offering at a time when investors are lapping up Chinese stocks....   more»

Shanghai ChemPartner Co.,Ltd. »15/11/2007 [Company watch]
LEAD Therapeutics Announces Strategic Research Collaboration with ShangPharma

LEAD Therapeutics, Inc., a chemistry-driven drug discovery company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, today announced it has entered into a strategic research collaboration with Shanghai ChemPartner in China, the wholly owned subsidiary of ShangPharma. In conjunction with this collaboration, China Gateway Life Science (Holding) Ltd., the strategic investment arm of ShangPharma, has made an equity investment in LEAD Therapeutics. Previously announced investors include Pappas Ventures, ProQuest Investments, and Mustang Ventures....   more»

MPI Research »23/12/2007 [Company watch]
MPI & China Medicilon announce JV

MPI Research and Shanghai Medicilon are pleased to announce a new joint venture to form Medicilon-MPI Preclinical Research (Shanghai) LLC. Located initially at the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, China, the company will open a 50,000 ft(2) preclinical testing facility in the Chuansha Economic Park in early 2008. This new facility will meet the regulatory standards set forth by the US FDA and other regulatory agencies worldwide....   more»

Wuxi Pharma Tech »28/12/2007 [Company watch]
WuXi PharmaTech Mourns the Tragic Loss of Its

China's premier provider of pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing services, sadly announced today one of its independent directors, Mr. Shawn Wang, Chief Financial Officer of Baidu, passed away in an accident during his vacation on December 27, 2007. Mr. Shawn Wang was appointed as an independent director on WuXi PharmaTech's Board of Directors in July, 2007 when the company was preparing its public listing on the New York Stock Exchange. During his brief tenure and as the Chairman of the Audit Committee, Shawn advised the company's management in particular areas of financial reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance and investor relations. "We are all deeply saddened by the tragic and untimely loss of Shawn. He was not only a remarkable leader but also a very close personal friend of mine," said Dr. Ge Li, Chairman and Chief Executive Officier of WuXi PharmaTech. "We are honored and grateful for having known and worked with Shawn. I will miss him very much and my thoughts and prayers go out to Shawn's family."...   more»

Wuxi Pharma Tech
»24/12/2007 [Company watch]
WuXi PharmaTech announced the company's first Life Science and Chemistry Awards Ceremony

The WuXi PharmaTech Life Science and Chemistry Award was approved by the National Office of Science and Technology Awards in early 2007, aiming to stimulate life science and chemistry research and reward those who have had significant achievements in their respective research fields. Mr. Zhang Huaixi and Mr. Li Meng, both Vice Chairmans of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Mr. Xu Guanhua, the former Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Cheng Jinpei, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Mr. Gao Huchen, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce attended the ceremony and presented the awards to 17 young professionals in honor of their outstanding achievements in life science and chemistry fields....   more»

Wuxi Pharma Tech »04/01/2008 [Company watch]
WuXi Pharma to acquire AppTec

WuXi PharmaTech, a provider of pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing services from China, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire US-based AppTec Laboratory Services, (AppTec)....   more»

Wuxi Pharma Tech »04/01/2008 [Company watch]
WuXi PharmaTech promotes Edward Hu to COO

China's WuXi PharmaTech, a provider of pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing services, has promoted Mr Edward Hu from Executive Vice President of Operations to Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mr Hu has joined WuXi PharmaTech in August 2007, prior to that he was a senior vice president and COO of Tanox, later acquired by Genentech. He also worked for Biogen Idec as a business-planning manager and for Merck as a senior financial analyst. "We are very happy to promote Ed to give him more responsibilities, as Ed has quickly demonstrated his leadership capabilities and ability to contribute to the company. Ed will be based in US to lead the integration of AppTec after the deal is closed," said Dr Ge Li, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WuXi PharmaTech. Mr Hu received his MBA and MS in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...   more»

Wuxi Pharma Tech »07/01/2008 [Company watch]
WuXi names temporary chairman of audit committee

WuXi PharmaTech, China's premier provider of pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing services, announced that Mr Cuong Viet Do will temporarily assume the role of the Chairman of the Audit Committee until a permanent successor is appointed. The chairman of the Audit Committee was previously held by Mr Shawn Wang who recently expired in an accident during his vacation...   more»

Wuxi Pharma Tech »20/01/2008 [Company watch]
Wuxi CEO Honoured

WuXi PharmaTech , China's leading provider of pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing services is proud to announce today that its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ge Li is named as one of the 2007 China Top 10 Influential Entrepreneurs selected by Entrepreneur China edition....   more»

Sundia MediTech Company,Ltd. »17/01/2008 [Company watch]
CRO Company Sundia Welcomes New Members to Its Executive Team

Sundia MediTech (Shanghai) Company recently announced a welcome addition of new members to its executive team: Dr. Joseph Zhu and Dr. Shu Gao. Dr. Zhu is appointed as the Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry, while Dr. Gao as the Vice President in charge of Chemical Synthesis business....   more»

MPI Research »27/01/2008 [Company watch]
MPI Research ties-up with Shanghai Medicilon

MPI Research has tied up with Shanghai Medicilon to form Medicilon-MPI Preclinical Research. Located at the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, China, the company will open a 50,000 ft 2 preclinical testing facility in the Chuansha Economic Park in early 2008. This new facility will meet the regulatory standards set forth by the US FDA and other regulatory agencies worldwide. A prepared company release said, “With the joint venture, customers of both parent companies will have the advantage of conducting research at the Shanghai site for preclinical development, with potential for worldwide release. Current and future customers of Medicilon and MPI Research will now have access to a broader range of both GLP and non- GLP preclinical services. By 2009, the new company will be fully operational, in terms of conducting FDA/IND enabling studies, offering additional preclinical support services, submitting INDs and NDAs, and will have AAALAC accreditation.” "With one fourth of the world's population, China is an important force in shaping the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets," says MPI Research's Chairman and CEO, William U. Parfet. "We have carefully looked for more than three years to find a CRO partner that shares our values and commitment to excellence, and we have finally found one in Shanghai Medicilon. We look forward to forging a future together as a worldwide leader of preclinical research services." Dr. Chun-Lin Chen, co-founder of Medicilon, Inc. as well as Shanghai Medicilon will serve as the CEO of Medicilon-MPI Preclinical Research. Dr Chen is a highly published thoughtleader in the pharmaceutical industry with extensive experience in academia, pharmaceutical, and regulatory evaluation. Dr. Chen received his PhD from Oklahoma State University, and completed post-doctoral training in the United States. Dr. Chen has held numerous leadership positions in professional scientific trade organizations in China as well as other parts of the world....   more»

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