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» 23/07/2009 [Company watch]
China Aoxing Pharmaceutical Corp. Receives Renewal of GMP Certification for Capsule Dosage Form of Pharmaceutical Products
» 15/03/2010 [Industry news]
Recordati S.p.A And Lee Pharmaceutical Announce Partnership For Zanidip(R) In China
» 26/10/2009 [Finance]
China Growth to Remain Fast in Fourth Quarter, Official Says
» 17/08/2009 [Industry news]
Chindex Posts Profit on Product Sales, Health Services
» 07/05/2010 [Industry news]
Hong Kong: Recall of all products manufactured by Quality Pharmaceutical Lab Ltd
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Novo Nordisk »05/03/2007 [Company watch]
Novo Nordisk and Chinese Academy of Science establish Research Foundation

Novo Nordisk have committed $2million to co-fund research activities of mutual interest - diabetes and biopharmaceuticals....   more»

Novo Nordisk »03/05/2007 [Company watch]
Novo Nordisk will continue to exploit the emerging importance of China in pharma research by establishing a new diabetes research foundation there.

UPDATE: The Danish pharma company is setting up a joint science research foundation with the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). The collaboration will concentrate on diabetes and biopharmaceuticals research, including related fields and technologies such as protein chemistry, immunology, inflammation, toxicology, oncology and drug delivery....   more»

Novo Nordisk »28/04/2008
Novo Nordisk donation aids Chinese pharmaceutical development and WHO efforts to combat neglected diseases

Novo Nordisk today announced a scientific collaboration that will benefit both Chinese pharmaceutical development and WHO efforts to combat neglected diseases. Effective 28 April 2008, Novo Nordisk will donate a licence to its small molecule compound library to the National Center for Drug Screening (NCDS) affiliated to Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The centre will use the library – both the actual compounds and an associated database – for screening activities to identify new drug candidates for infectious tropical diseases that affect people in poor countries. The World Health Organization-based Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) will select targets and screens to support the identification of new drug candidates or leads for infectious tropical diseases, including malaria, tuberculosis, African sleeping sickness, dengue, Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, schistosomiasis, filariasis, onchocerciasis and soil-transmitted helminths. It will also bring in young scientists from developing countries, especially Africa, to be trained at the institute....   more»

Novo Nordisk »07/11/2008 [Company watch]
Novo Nordisk reveals major Chinese investment

Novo Nordisk has revealed it is investing close to $400 million (£254 million) in a production facility in China....   more»

Novo Nordisk »29/01/2010 [Company watch]
Novo Nordisk Awaits China Approval of Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Novo Nordisk reported that Victoza®, its once-daily human glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analog for type 2 diabetes, was submitted to the SFDA in August of last year....   more»

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